The Dying Light One of the most important books of Henry Porter s new novel paints a chilling portrait of the police state that the UK is about to become

  • Title: The Dying Light
  • Author: Henry Porter
  • ISBN: 9780752876382
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the most important books of 2009 Henry Porter s new novel paints a chilling portrait of the police state that the UK is about to become

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      113 Henry Porter
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    One thought on “The Dying Light”

    1. Originally published on my blog here in October 2010.Henry Porter's fifth novel is intended, so the author tells us in the afterword, to fulfil three purposes. It is obviously a thriller readable as a standalone story, but is additionally intended as a contrast to his previous novel Brandenburg and as something of a political call to arms. It is set in a near future Britain, where high-powered lawyer (and former spy) Kate Lockhart returns to the country after several years working in the States [...]

    2. "He killed himself, you know, and that leaves the average emotionally retarded Brit rather stuck for things to chat about at a funeral."This book didn't grip me from the outset, rather it wormed its way into my thoughts at odd times. There's something quintessentially British about it - something of Le Carréor Deighton, and that compels me to carry on reading it without any of the clinging nature or dashing, headlong pace of a work by an American. the story is powerful and worryingly so and lik [...]

    3. I just read a review of this book that makes it sound like a 21st Century update to 1984, with more account of how the road to tyranny is paved with good intentions, and perhaps some redeeming cracks in the dystopiaonomist/books/displa

    4. In this age of technology I think this book should be on everyone's reading list.This book is a detailed modern version of 1984. I found it enlightening that the laws. are in place in the UK

    5. This was an interesting read. Though I didn't always understand all of the terminology of surveillance and espionage -- i was impressed with the story. Someone is trying to publish documents in Parliament that show how the prime minister and his "group" basically began spying on its own people. Written in 2009, I found myself feeling much the same about the current change in government here in the USA of today. Now I want to get his book Brandenburg about the workings of the East German Governme [...]

    6. It must be a little unusual when a book begins with the death of the main character and the book's driving force. In 'The Dying Light's case, David Eyam. A phenomenally intelligent man, not always easy to like or love, but certainly one of the leading brains of his, or many other, generations. A government advisor at the time of his death, he has uncovered a very worrying secret. A secret plan, directed from the very heart of government, with the help of those at the top of big business, to trac [...]

    7. "England in the near future is eerily familiar. There are concerns over terrorism, the press is feisty, and the prime minister is soon to call a general election. But quietly - and largely unknown to the public or even most in government - things have become undeniably Orwellian. Cameras with license plate recognition software record every car's movements; a sophisticated top-secret data-mining system known as Deep Truth combs through personal records, identifying violators of minor laws as well [...]

    8. A excellant political thriller. The main character is intelligent and competant and above all believable, a heroine without being super woman. Little lacking on fill out on supporting characters but the pace is quite high so you don't notice it until later. But this is not a thriller with guns and car chases, well actually there is a couple of murders and fast driving but that is not what gets your adrenalin up. The story is set in a very near future where anti terrorism and surviellance laws ar [...]

    9. Gripping thriller set in a Britain just a few years in the future. David Eyam has staged his own death in a supposed Colombia bombing. His former lover, Kate, flies home from the US where she works as a lawyer, to attend the coronial inquest and his funeral. There she meets a local group known as the Bell ringers, who were friends of David, who hint at plots within the government. She also reconnects with some University friends, who were friends of David, some of whom are now working for the go [...]

    10. Kate Lockhart returns to the UK from the USA to attend the funeral of her friend David Eyam. She finds she is the main beneficiary of his Will and has inherited a home, money and a cause to follow from him. This places her in danger and knowing who to trust is key to her success This is not a horror story, it is not a forensic detective novel nor is it full of gristly details of death and murder scenes. But it is still one of the scariest, most disturbing novels I have read in a long, long time. [...]

    11. A great summer read. It starts a bit slow, but soon it grows into a page-turner. The story about the government spying on its people has been told numerous times, but Porter takes it to the next level. Here the government not only spies on its citizens, but also uses the results of its spying to supply the various government departments with actionable requests. So if your tax return was too low, but you had a couple of vacation trips, you may be served with a new tax bill, or imprisonment, by t [...]

    12. Kate Lockhart returns to England from America to mourn her friend and lover, David Eyam. She is shocked to discover that although estranged for years Eyam has bequeathed her everything including a conspiracy theory that could bring down the current government. “Big Brother” is indeed watching.Henry Porter brings Orwell’s 1984 into the 21st century and, if his afterward is to be believed (and why not?), much of this book is fact based. Although I found this book a little difficult to get in [...]

    13. This is a truly classic British style political novel with corrupt politicians, super-powerful organizations and slightly eccentric characters intent on preserving the best of Britain. The truly engaging part of this novel is that Porter uses only existing laws and regulations and technologies to paint a very scary portrait of a society on the edge of Orwellian Reality and it takes your breath away.

    14. A remarkably prescient novel given it was written in 2009, long before the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013It is set in a near future England and deals with the loss of civil liberties through the state's ability to bring together data on us from different government databases, emails, phone calls, number plate recognition systems et al, and highlights the very real worries for democracy contained in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004

    15. Interesting writer, as always, but this book doesn't have rate alongside some of his others. Good detail and exciting but a bit too much like a superior Da Vinci Code and didn't draw me in like Brandenburg did. A bit too fantastical in its complexities and coincidences and reads more like a thriller rather than an action historical novel with complex characterisation .

    16. Read this in 2011.Extraordinarily good novel about the information society & potential for the government to monitor everything about everybody.Visionary. Orwellian. A really good read with writing of the highest standard.

    17. If you're a thriller then thrill me, but don't take over 200 pages to do it. I may come back to this book in the future but at the moment with a pile of unread books to read, it will remain unfinished due to the fact that it is inexorably slow.

    18. Chillingly close to home. This novel no longer registers as fiction. Perhaps it's come too late. If Henry Porter doesn't convince you to resist the pernicious invasion of government surveillance programs you may as well give up the idea that your life is still your own.

    19. Each time I visit the UK, it seems it looks a bit more like the country depicted in this novel. Perhaps the new government will reverse the creeping surveillance and bossiness of the state. Bought it after reading very favourable review in The Economist.

    20. Actually quite a good thriller about the encroaching 'police state' in Britain, based on legislation as it stands and what could happen should it be implemented. All in the name of protecting the citizens from terrorism, of course. Really interesting ideas tossed around.

    21. A very interesting analysis of the surveillance culture developing in Britain. A very good story with lots of surprises.

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