The Janus Stone It s been only a few months since archaeologist Ruth Galloway found herself entangled in a missing persons case barely escaping with her life But when construction workers demolishing a large old hou

  • Title: The Janus Stone
  • Author: Elly Griffiths
  • ISBN: 9780547237442
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s been only a few months since archaeologist Ruth Galloway found herself entangled in a missing persons case, barely escaping with her life But when construction workers demolishing a large old house in Norwich uncover the bones of a child beneath a doorway minus its skull Ruth is once again called upon to investigate Is it a Roman era ritual sacrifice, or is the killIt s been only a few months since archaeologist Ruth Galloway found herself entangled in a missing persons case, barely escaping with her life But when construction workers demolishing a large old house in Norwich uncover the bones of a child beneath a doorway minus its skull Ruth is once again called upon to investigate Is it a Roman era ritual sacrifice, or is the killer closer at hand Ruth and Detective Harry Nelson would like to find out and fast When they realize the house was once a children s home, they track down the Catholic priest who served as its operator Father Hennessey reports that two children did go missing from the home forty years before a boy and a girl They were never found When carbon dating proves that the child s bones predate the home and relate to a time when the house was privately owned, Ruth is drawn ever deeply into the case But as spring turns into summer it becomes clear that someone is trying very hard to put her off the trail by frightening her, and her unborn child, half to death.The Janus Stone is a riveting follow up to Griffiths s acclaimed The Crossing Places.

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    One thought on “The Janus Stone”

    1. I really liked the first book in this series, and my feelings haven't changed with this one, the second. I still like Ruth and Nelson, the quirky Cathbad, and the archeological background and mysticism. The mystery begins with the discovery of the bones of a child at a dig. Along with the investigation are the personal relationships between the characters. I love the well-written dialogue and the bits of sarcasm.

    2. 5 big stars for The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths i loved the way the author takes you on a journey about the life of a Forensic expert & the detail that goes with the story. In the 2nd instalment Ruth investigates a body of a little girl who is found dead in old house what makes this more bizarre is the little girl is missing a head.Is it Ritual sacrifice or just plain Murder. At the same time Ruth finds herself pregnant & has to deal with the issue of telling DI Harry Nelson who she ha [...]

    3. I was both charmed and haunted by the first Ruth Galloway mystery, The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway). Griffith's sense of place--the salt marshes of Norwich, England--was stark and moodily disquieting. The land seemed almost anthropomorphic in its presence, and served to heighten the story and even strengthen the weak spots, including her strained and rushed denouement. Ruth, a Ph.D. anthropologist, is a flawed and frank woman of forty, an unapologetic atheist with a no-nonsense style. In this [...]

    4. The pleasure of being in a marathon reading spree on a newly discovered favorite series is absolute joy for me as a reader. So, I find myself in absolute joy while I finish one Ruth Galloway mystery and start another. Reviews become somewhat bothersome in this situation because all I want to do is get on with reading the next book. Elly Griffiths has caught me hook, line, and sinker. I only stop to do a review out of respect to the enjoyment I'm experiencing from these mesmerizing stories. In Th [...]

    5. The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths.A new construction is about to begin but before they can start an old mansion must be leveled. Just as soon as this has begun the skeleton of a child is unearthed under a doorway. Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, is called in to determine the age of the skeleton as well as how many years it's been buried there. Then a new issue to comes to the forefront. This area was also the site of a Catholic children's Home. Ruth soon finds herself working alongside DC [...]

    6. First Sentence: 1 June, Festival of Carna The house is waiting.An old house is being demolished to make way for a new housing complex when work is halted when the headless skeleton of a child is found beneath a doorway. It is learned the house was once a Catholic children’s home and two young children went missing. The situation of the skeleton, however, suggests a possible ritual burial. DCI Harry Nelson is called in, as is forensic archaeologist, Ruth Galloway who is, unbeknownst to Nelson, [...]

    7. A good, solid mystery, carefully written, with quite powerful resonance, and with a strong and very lovable protagonist. Slightly better than the first book in the series.

    8. Bon, soyons clairs, à mon sens le style n'est pas très bon. Toutefois, l'intrigue m'a suffisamment accrochée pour me donner envie de lire les autres volumes de la série. Et qu'est-ce que je fais dans ces cas-là ? Je lis en v.o. ! Ce roman est le 2e de la série, le style s'est donc peut-être amélioré. Son 1er traduit paraît en poche en novembre.

    9. This is the second in the Ruth Galloway series and I liked it very much. Ruth is a forensic archaeologist in Norfolk, England. Ruth is around 40, chubby, and very good at what she does. She is also pregnant from a one night stand. Her parents, staunch Christians, are horrified. Ruth lives in an isolated salt marsh and just outside her front door are archaeology sites. I am fascinated by this. The newest find is a Roman village and a new professional digging it out, Max Grey. There is a spark bet [...]

    10. I did enjoy this book (hence the four stars) because I'm warming to the characters of Ruth and Nelson. I like the fact that Ruth is pretty much her own woman (she has a "weak moment" in this book of wishing to be "saved", but as she's mostly feisty we'll put that down to the pregnancy hormones!)Some reviewers have commented that this is pretty much the same plot as the first in the series, and maybe it is. But I enjoyed the characters and the setting, and appreciated the fact that this was a goo [...]

    11. I don't know how this happened, but I am reading this series backwards. Still, it has not taken away from my enjoyment of these books and I am really looking forward to getting the first one and finding out about how Ruth and Harry first met and the story of Erik. I'm in the dark there about Erik, this is what comes of reading in reverse order. This is the second book, Ruth Galloway, a forensic anthropologist, is called to look at some skeletal remains of a young child, discovered in an old hous [...]

    12. Griffiths has an engaging style of writing that draws the reader into Ruth and Harry’s worlds of archaeology and policing, and their awkward relationship. The two lead characters, along with Cathbad, a local druid, are very appealing and the strengths of the book are the unfolding of their relationship and the sense of place of the Norfolk coast. However, whilst the style of the storytelling, the characters and setting are good, the book struggles more with respect to the plot and the mystery. [...]

    13. The most important consideration in a mystery novel is not simply whodunit, but do we care about the characters and what happens to them. Elly Griffiths satisfies both concerns in this second in the series. She has provided a mystery which keeps the reader engrosses and which is satisfactorily resolved at the conclusion.Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson amply demonstrate their affection and concern for the wellbeing of one another and the child Ruth carries throughout the novel. Other character [...]

    14. Somewhat disappointed. Loved the first book of this series. While I liked the plot and the writing of this one and still like the characters as well, I do not like the personal upheaval the author is adding to the lives of the main characters in this series. I would have enjoyed the book much more without the addition of an illegitimate child by the married police officer and the ongoing angst. Will probably read the third book in the series but if it continues with this trend, that will likely [...]

    15. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this audiobook better than the first in the series, and enough to carry on to the next one. I am beginning to like the main characters more too. It isn't really something to get all excited about, as murder mysteries go (not like the gripping Deborah Crombie series!), but it whiles away the time in a pleasant enough manner.

    16. Enjoyed this one too; now I'm going to have to track down copies of 3 & 4 in the series as they're the only two I'm missing. I fear it may get a bit soap opera-ish with the characters but they're such great characters to spend time with, I don't think I'd mind too much!

    17. The premise of spinster Ruth Galloway hiding her pregnancy all the better to be independent -- or something, I never did figure it out -- made me drop out in the first chapter.

    18. La storia non è male ma un po' scontata, visto il genere; anche se qualche colpo di scena c'è, alla fin fine mi è sembrata un po' troppo lenta.Grande atmosfera per quel che riguarda, invece, l'ambientazione; interessante la parte archeologica e storica: si parla di romani e celti, dei loro riti religiosi, di superstizione, di dei e sacrifici. I misteri del passato (che poi tanto passato non è) si ribaltano sul presente, sulla vita dei protagonisti, portando alla luce storie dolorose quanto a [...]

    19. Even though the main flaws are still with the main character, I like the storyline and will probably give her one more chance The idea is compelling, and hope she stops driving her story with sily girl mistakes. Galloway is smarter than that.

    20. Reason for Reading: Next in the series.Summary: A Victorian home is being pulled down to make way for a luxury apartment building but is stopped due to the finding of Roman remains. As archaeologists work they find a headless skeleton of a child under the doorstep of the home and forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway is called in for her expertise by DCI Harry Nelson. The house was last used as a Catholic children's home and that sends the investigation in a direction that will not easily bring a [...]

    21. In a land so ancient, Norfolk is a gem for archaeologists and a headache for contractors. When a building in the midst of being razed for a new apartment complex is discovered to be on top of an old Roman site, construction stops and digging begins. But the archaeological team finds something it didn't expect - the bones of what look like a child beneath the door frame. DCI Harry Nelson immediately calls Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, to determine whether these bones are from beyond rece [...]

    22. so i have a huge petpeeve. and this is that I want an authors page to say they've written the number of books they've actually written, cause if it says 5 and I've read two I'm all excited for the three I haven't except. yeah, see my point. I just combined a bunch of stuff on elly griffiths page for this exact reason. but that's all beside the point. More on topic. why did I read this. even after I read the first one and called it, what did I say? fine. yeah fine's an insult. cause beyond every [...]

    23. Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist is called in to investigate the headless skeleton of a child found in the rubble of an old mansion (formally an orphanage). While trying to uncover the mystery though, she is given some not so subtle warnings to back off. Ruth quickly realizes someone is trying very hard to throw her off the trail and if this is not enough, Ruth is pregnant with her first child and now her life and the life of her unborn child is in serious jeopardy! “The Janus Stone” [...]

    24. A solid follow-on to the first novel starring forensic anthropologist Ruth Galloway. Set a few months later, this time Ruth is called in to consult on Roman ruins and the remains of a potential human sacrifice near a new real estate development. Despite the Janus/doorways/passages metaphor, what struck me most, as an American reader, is who qualifies as visible in English culture, and who does not. Interesting also that it's Ruth's own awkwardness that renders her visible in an environment where [...]

    25. I sit here and wonder to myself why I like this Elly Griffiths' mystery series. I know I love the setting, England, with all its lovely Roman excavations and Druid mysteries and I love the heroine, chubby, super intelligent forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway. This is the 2nd installment in the series and I liked almost as much as the first. Being rather short, it almost felt like it was part of the first, just an installment. I see this as a BBC mystery series actually. It'd be a good one, with [...]

    26. I'm really enjoying this series. The characters seem really human - I like Ruth, Nelson, and Cathbad very much. In both this and the first book there has been a streak of humour which always makes a book better for me.

    27. Another enjoyable story set in Norfolk, this time it's the turn of the Romans and some of their beliefs. When a skeleton is found in the grounds of a building being torn down Ruth is asked to take a look.There are also complications in Ruth's life, a carry over from the first book.

    28. This was a pretty easy read, but the actual plot didn't do much for me. It is the kind of book you finish and just shrug and say "it was ok". I may continue with the next book just to see if it can get it's stride on and because I do like the main character.

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