Full of Beans Newbery Honor Book Turtle in Paradise is beloved by readers and now they can return to this wonderful world through the eyes of Turtle s cousin Beans Grown ups lie That s one truth Beans knows for su

  • Title: Full of Beans
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm
  • ISBN: 9780553510393
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • Newbery Honor Book Turtle in Paradise is beloved by readers, and now they can return to this wonderful world through the eyes of Turtle s cousin Beans Grown ups lie That s one truth Beans knows for sure He and his gang know how to spot a whopper a mile away, because they are the savviest bunch of barefoot conchs that means locals in all of Key West Not that BeansNewbery Honor Book Turtle in Paradise is beloved by readers, and now they can return to this wonderful world through the eyes of Turtle s cousin Beans Grown ups lie That s one truth Beans knows for sure He and his gang know how to spot a whopper a mile away, because they are the savviest bunch of barefoot conchs that means locals in all of Key West Not that Beans really minds it s 1934, the middle of the Great Depression With no jobs on the island, and no money anywhere, who can really blame the grown ups for telling a few tales Besides, Beans isn t anyone s fool In fact, he has plans Big plans And the consequences might surprise even Beans himself.

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    1. Does building resilience in kids mean they have to be able to handle everything by themselves? Or that they can weather the hard times, with their sense of self intact? I adore Jennifer Holm's newest novel Full of Beans precisely for the way that Beans struggles through hard times, learning about the consequences of his decisions, yet never losing his sense of humor or his loyalty to his family and friends. It is both delightful to read and wonderful to reflect upon.Read my full review at Great [...]

    2. Summary: Strongly voiced male protagonist in depression-era historical fiction, ideal for whole class reading or book clubs for grades 4-5 and for readers who have already read Turtle in Paradise. Students might need some background knowledge on the Great Depression and the New Deal. Disclaimer: Review from ARC on behalf of a reader advisory program. Review: At the not-so tender age of eleven, Beans Curry has learned a hard truth: adults lie.Beans’s mother lies when she says everything’s goi [...]

    3. Copy provided by publisherBeans, Turtle's cousin from Turtle in Paradise (2010) is doing the best he can to help out his family during the Great Depression in Key West, Florida. He and his brother, Kermit, dig through the trash for tin cans, babysit, and even engage in illegal activities in order to make some money. Their father is away in New Jersey, trying to get a factory job, and their mother takes in laundry and occasionally tries her hand at dressmaking. When New Deal men come to town and [...]

    4. I loved this historical fiction novel for younger readers. The characters are expertly sketched, and as readers mature they will begin to more deeply understand the relationships presented. I am a huge fan of Key West and learned so much about the island's history in this slim volume--now I want to read even more Jenni Holm books!

    5. This book gets to some big issues in a way that is fun! It's also a very quick read. :) I won't spoil it, but I think this is a GREAT choice if you were interested in the historical period of Bud, Not Buddy.

    6. It's July 1934, and times are hard for the Curry family. Poppy's out of work and in New Jersey looking for a job, and mom is taking in laundry, so son Beans Curry does what he can to help out. But after sifting through garbage, collecting empty cans and expecting to get 10¢ for every twenty cans, he is cheated out of 5¢ by the wily Winky, who now claims he said 50 cans per 10¢. One thing that Beans knows for sure is that grown-ups lie and Winky is a good example of that. Angered, Beans is det [...]

    7. "I had never held so much money in my whole life. I felt like Daddy Warbucks. Except with hair."Received from my blogger partner JT. He received it at ALA Orlando 2016!! Thanks!!My first experience with Holm was with The Fourteenth Goldfish and it was so different and I was dying to read more of her work. This might be one of the first Middle grade historical fiction that I have ever read and I can't say that I was disappointed, but I wasn't captured like I was with her other book.1934 was a rou [...]

    8. There is much to love in this middle grade story about a time during the Great Depression and the re-making of a town about to die. Yes, it's historical fiction, and Jennifer Holm manages to weave a story about Key West, and a government program that helped it be re-born into a vibrant and successful tourist destination. But the real story is about Beans Curry and his buddies who lead different lives from children today. They are poor, shoeless, and spend a lot of time on the streets, trying to [...]

    9. Lively middle grade historical fiction, set during the Great Depression on Key West. I never knew that the New Deal was responsible for making Key West the tourist destination/artists' colony it is today, so there's some fascinating and unusual history at play here. Beans, the main character, has an engaging and quirky voice, but Holm introduces a lot of characters and plot threads, and some don't go anywhere, while others are resolved a bit too abruptly. But I think kids will be pulled along by [...]

    10. Jennifer Holm yet again enchants us with humor, heart and historical mastery. I too wanted to know more about Beans and this book does not disappoint. Such fascinating facts about the new dealers, bermuda shorts and illnesses in Key West. Such great characters and one-liners. So happy that Beans is still not impressed by that writer fellow!

    11. I had no idea what this book was about when I started it, and sometimes that is the best way to read a book. This book was a joy to read. I learned stuff that I didn't knowd it was cool stuff about Key West in the Great Depression. The characters are totally characters! The whole Nana Philly thing is a hoot! I think kids and adults alike are going to fall in love with this book.

    12. Turtle in Paradise is my favorite book by Jenni Holm! So I loved reading about Beans and The Diaper Gang again. A very enjoyable book!

    13. Loved finding out pieces that connect this story to TURTLE IN PARADISE.Loved the details of the setting.Loved each and every character.Loved the ending.

    14. My favorite book of 2016. Such a wonderful joy to read. Beans stole my heart. And Jenni's storytelling, just wow!

    15. A truly delightful children's book that was so enlightening! Little rascals meets historical fiction about the new deal and key west.

    16. What fun it was to be back in Key West, Florida, this time with Turtle's cousin Bean and his friends and family. Key West during the Depression was definitely not the vacation paradise filled with multi-million dollar homes that it is today. Most houses were little more than unheated shacks and everyone was struggling to find enough work to put food on the table. I loved how Beans and his friends came up with some pretty savvy ways to make a little money-like freeing up the parents by carting th [...]

    17. Beans lives on Key West at the height of the Great Depression, and it is not a lovely tropical spot--its full of trash (they cannot afford to pay to haul it away), run down houses, rum runners and unemployed men. Beans is a hoot and spends his days watching his awful brother Kermit and trying to figure out how to make a buck. When some men come from President Roosevelt's "New Deal," Beans thinks they're nuts, but is impressed when their efforts to paint the houses pink and clean up the island ac [...]

    18. I had been skipping over this book because the cover made it look like a silly story. But when it kept appearing on award lists, I gave in and read it. It's set in Key West during the depression and ends up telling the story through a child's point of view of the clean up that led to Key West becoming a tourist destination spot instead of being given up on by the government and evacuated. Beans is a good main character and learned some important lessons. The "Author's Notes" explain more of some [...]

    19. Another home run recommendation by my son. This is a prequel of sorts to Turtle in Paradise. The year is 1934, and this is a Key West like no modern tourist would ever believe. Broken-down wooden shacks, rotting garbage in the streets, bankruptcy, shysters, smugglers, and barefoot kids abound when President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal comes to town.Multifaceted supporting characters—a motley group of friends (all with nicknames such as Pork Chop and Too Bad), a fussy baby brother, a pus [...]

    20. I enjoyed reading this story about Beans and his crew! I also found the history of Key West during the depression era really interesting!

    21. I loved Turtle in Paradise, and I loved this one too! The only thing that bothered me is my own fault - I have a fuzzy brain for details, and I couldn't remember enough from Turtle in Paradise to know for sure if this book takes place before or after Turtle's visit to Key West.

    22. Beans lives in Key West during the Depression Era. His family and whole town experiences financial hardships, but are approached by New Dealers who want to renovate the place as a tourist destination. Being the oldest, Beans makes some hard decisions to help his family. Took me a while to finish it, but it’s still a decent read and there are some great historical takeaways.

    23. Jennifer Holm is one of my favorite authors for intermediate grade readers. Her Newbery Honor books speak to the quality of her writing and storytelling and her popular graphic novels (Baby Mouse, Super Amoeba) add to her credentials. A new effort Full of Beans doesn't disappoint. It would be a great read aloud for a classroom as well. She has developed a great main character Beans and placed him in a great location (Key West) during an interesting time (late depression era). Her character is a [...]

    24. Full of Bean is a story about a boy named Beans who lived in Key West during the Great Depression. He knew everyone in the town and he had many friends. Beans would help out the people in his town or take on jobs they offer to make money to help out his family. His mom worked in the pants factory and did other small jobs for people around town. His dad was up north searching for a permanent job. Bean's family didn't have a lot of money so Beans was trying hard to help in any way he could, even i [...]

    25. Full of Beans the prequel to Turtle in Paradise, takes place during the Great Depression in Key West, Florida, where people are dirt poor. Ten-year-old Beans, the cousin of Turtle from the sequel, must earn money for the family since their father is jobless and usually missing. Holm's sets up the details of his life so convincingly, he's part of a winning marble gang, the Keepsies. Beating other teams in the area is their favorite entertainment. Few people own televisions, the old fashioned tele [...]

    26. Richie’s Picks: FULL OF BEANS by Jennifer L. Holm, Random House, August 2016, 208p ISBN: 978-0-553-51036-2“White ones and red onesAnd some you can’t disguiseTwisted truth and half the newsCan’t hide it in your eyes”--Thompson Twins, “Lies” (1982)“Everyone shouted, ‘Hip, hip, hooray for Beans!’“Then people were congratulating me and slapping me on the back. The radio was turned up loud. Cuban music started playing, and someone brought out snacks. It was an impromptu celebrat [...]

    27. Jennifer L. Holm is one of my favorite authors of books for young readers. This title is a companion to her Newbery Honor Book "Turtle in Paradise." We read about Depression-era Key West from the perspective of Beans Curry, an enterprising, funny kid who describes struggling families with just the right mix of heart and humor. Engaging and charming.

    28. First sentence: Look here, Mac. I'm gonna give it to you straight: grown-ups lie. Sure, they like to say that kids make things up and that we don't tell the truth. But they're the lying liars.Premise/plot: Full of Beans is the prequel to Jennifer L. Holm's Turtle in Paradise. Both books are set in Key West, Florida. Full of Beans is set in 1934, and Turtle in Paradise is set in 1935. Bean, a character first introduced in Turtle in Paradise, narrates the book. And WHAT A CHARACTER Holm has given [...]

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