Love in my Language Love in my Language is the sopho title of best selling self published author Alexandra Elle Equipped with pages of self discovery Alex shares some of her deepest and darkest moments that are int

  • Title: Love in my Language
  • Author: Alexandra Elle Ashleigh Kinsey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love in my Language is the sopho title of best selling, self published author, Alexandra Elle Equipped with 144 pages of self discovery Alex shares some of her deepest and darkest moments that are intertwined with faith, hope and finding her light This body of work explores the ins and out of trials and tribulations, partnered with successes and failures The page Love in my Language is the sopho title of best selling, self published author, Alexandra Elle Equipped with 144 pages of self discovery Alex shares some of her deepest and darkest moments that are intertwined with faith, hope and finding her light This body of work explores the ins and out of trials and tribulations, partnered with successes and failures The pages of Love in my Language are filled with poetry, narrative essays, and gentle reminders You will get an authentic look into the life of the author, and she hopes that readers take away peace after reading the pages.

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    • Best Read [Alexandra Elle Ashleigh Kinsey] ↠ Love in my Language || [Thriller Book] PDF ì
      471 Alexandra Elle Ashleigh Kinsey
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    One thought on “Love in my Language”

    1. I truly enjoyed this book of life notes! I think it is a good, quick read for anyone who just needs to know that someone out there has felt similarly to them once upon a time.

    2. This book is for anyone who is going through ANYTHING and is feeling down about themselves/their situations. My heart is full after getting through this so quickly. I just wish it was longer.

    3. I think I may be bilingual :) love is my language as wellBeautiful truths put to ink and paper. It made my soul feel like she was heard. Thank you for sharing.

    4. It was a good poetry book. What I didn't like was that its only 124 pages long and the rest of it is pages for you to write in. I didn't want a journal. I wanted a poetry book. But for the most part I liked it. I prefer her other book Words from a Wanderer more than this one. Although this one had more poetry and less note self situations in it.There were times I could relate and times I couldn't. But it was an experience anyway.My fav poem:

    5. tried to give her second book a shot, even tho i only barely enjoyed her first. um. it's sweet. cute. relatable. and emotional.but was this supposed to be telling me instead of showing me?? i don't think i have come across such an author in a long time. it felt a bit stale because of this.

    6. Understanding how you feelGreat book, relates to life and love in so many ways. I was able to connect and feel while was :)

    7. Beautiful. I really felt as though Alex was speaking to me on a personal level. Everything she shares resonates so deeply. Great read about life and love, and the journey to happiness.

    8. Inspirational I was inspired about reading how someone else could capture my feelings and put them into words. This is definitely a good read!

    9. This is my second read from Alexandra Elle and like the first time her work leaves you wanting more. Her writing is powerful and beautiful in the sense that is raw and palatable. When you are reading and you can feel the heaviness and the gravity of the pain on the other side of the author’s pen; that’s the raw and palatable I am talking about. From the dark to the light, you are taken from her darkest moments of abuse to her new found light in love and relationships.

    10. I have to be honest, I was disappointed in this book. It seemed at times to be simply ramblings. I just really felt like I couldn't relate to the book, probably partly because I'm happily married and no longer going through the pain of breakups etc but also partly because I felt like this book did not have a clear direction. It was confusing at times because there weren't a lot of details given. The best way I can describe this book is snippets from the inside of somebody's mind. Some of it was [...]

    11. The messages Alex shares are sweet, raw, and encouraging. I read both of her books at the same time after having them over a year. Poetry hasn't always been my thing, however, over the years, I've often been complimented on my flow in my own writing. The more I was told, the more curious I became, and I looked into poetry books, Alex's being the first I'd ever purchased. It requires thick skin and bravery to write, let alone peel yourself open and share what's personal. Many of her messages gave [...]

    12. I love this book. I will admit it isn't for everyone if you're not really in a season of growth and overcoming heartache. Reading this book made me feel like someone else went through and experienced some of the same emotions that pain me. I felt like I was growing in strength with her as I turned each page. Although there is so much sadness and depth to it's pages, it's an easy read of overcoming the lowest points in our lives.

    13. These poems show sadness, struggle, and strength. They are honest and full of emotion. It makes me wish I had saved my notebooks of poetry from my teen years. Ernest Hemingway said, "Write hard and clear about what hurts." That is exactly what Alex Elle did. Love in my Language was just as exquisite as Words from a Wanderer.

    14. I admire the depth and richness of Alexandra Elle. Through her writing, you have the ability to touch your soul and get a glimpse of hers. Love in my Language was a gift from one of my readers and what an incredible honor it was to be told that my artistry was a reminder of the amazing work of Alexandra Elle.

    15. Definitely a favorite. This book spoke to me on so many different levels. It was as if my subconscious was placed in someone else hands and they wrote the words I struggle so hard to speak freely. Thanks kindle unlimited but mostly thanks to Alexandra Elle.

    16. This book is for the sentimental ones; the lovers both heartbroken and not. Those who have so much to say and are unsure of how to go about it. Those who feel alone, sitting in their train of thoughts. Those who hurt, and are hurt. Especially those who need to heal. It won't disappoint.

    17. The words in this book were what my soul and mind want to say, but at times are scared to say or at a loss of words. It's a great feeling to know someone else feels what I feel and have felt.

    18. I really enjoyed this book. The poems were very short. I felt as if I could relate to everything that was written. I would definitely recommend it.

    19. Literally the greatest book I had ever read. Thank youLiterally the greatest book I had ever read. Thank you. I learned so much. Very very very good read. Yes

    20. Beautiful Heartfelt, and emotionally beautiful. This book is incredible, I'm sad it ended so soon. I want another please! Keep up the good work!

    21. AwesomeI see myself in so many of her words, everything flowed so beautifully. I will read this book many more times.

    22. Great readI loved this book it was so raw and straight forward. I'm beginning to like this author and she is my age so I feel as if she is speaking from my perspective

    23. Alexandra Elle's poetry is just so sincere. I love this one as much as her first empowering book.

    24. LoveSimply put: divine. A good read to ease the mind heart and soul.Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    25. A lesson on love Whether it's for self or love of others it's a lesson we all must learn. To love without fear and to be open with being uncomfortable to have what you deserve.

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