Engaged at the Chatsfield Introducing The Chatsfield in this fantastic prequel USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Milburne invites you to step inside the world s most exclusive luxury hotel empire Where secrets lurk behind

  • Title: Engaged at the Chatsfield
  • Author: Melanie Milburne
  • ISBN: 9780373202614
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing The Chatsfield in this fantastic prequel, USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Milburne invites you to step inside the world s most exclusive luxury hotel empire Where secrets lurk behind every door A whisper, a rumor, a scandal Glitz, luxury and decadence Juliet Montague should be having the time of her life Her friend s hen party is being held at the extravaIntroducing The Chatsfield in this fantastic prequel, USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Milburne invites you to step inside the world s most exclusive luxury hotel empire Where secrets lurk behind every door A whisper, a rumor, a scandal Glitz, luxury and decadence Juliet Montague should be having the time of her life Her friend s hen party is being held at the extravagant Chatsfield Hotel, London, but when she is surrounded by perfect, ultra stylish women, each with rings on their fingers, a fake fianc seems her only defense.Until that very same fake fianc arrives at the party Now she must persuade Marcus Bainbridge, her older brother s gorgeous best friend, not to give the game away But as the charade deepens, will the lines between what s real and what s fantasy start to blur Welcome to The Chatsfield, London Collect all 8 fantastic titlesMay December 2014

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    One thought on “Engaged at the Chatsfield”

    1. Sweet little engagement of convenience story that introduces the Chatsfield hotel and (perhaps) some of the characters in that series. There is absolutely nothing new or unexpected in this story of an "ugly duckling" academic who invents a fiance to save herself embarrassment at her rich bitch friend's hen party at the Chatsfield. The only name that came to mind was the H, her older brother's childhood friend, and unfortunately, he turns up at the hotel to sell his yacht plans to one of the Chat [...]

    2. Julia attends a hen weekend held at The Chatsfield with friends that she had gone to school with, a group of ladies that she never felt she fit in with, a group that were the typical skinny well dressed women who all had super rich fiancé’s which of course she didn’t have. In order to feel part of the group Julia lies and says she has a fiancé and when questioned who he was she stumbles and gives the impression that her mystery man is none other than Marcus, a man who is well known to the [...]

    3. 4 starsFirst ImpressionI actually first came across Engaged at The Chatsfield while scrolling for new books on iBooks one night. After reading the synopsis I knew this was going to be a book I would love! Two nights later I was on NetGalley and came across the same book! I automatically requested it knowing I would love it and would want to share my review.Opening Lines"How many calories are there in a caramel-swirl cupcake? Juliet typed into her smartphone on the way to the Chatsfield Hotel for [...]

    4. This is a great little taster for the Chatsfield series, introducing us to The star of the series, The Chatsfield Hotel, one of those smish places only the rich and famous and very discerning go to.Juliet is there by default, for a hens weekend with a bunch of girls she went to school with but never really belonged. All the skinny well dressed girls were able to boast of super duper fiancés so when Juliet is asked, of course she doesn't want to mention she hasn't had a relationship for years si [...]

    5. This is the prequel to the Chatsfield books. Short however such a delight. What does happen when a lie snowballs out of control? Poor Julie who has to count calories before a tea party. Always never felt good enough, not pretty enough, too fat against her 0 sized friend who was getting engaged or others already engaged. Wrong assumption, and a name and suddenly she was engaged to Marcus who was supposed to be in Dubai, so how could he possibly find out. Hello How easily one little white lie can [...]

    6. This is a great story it is the prequel to the Chatsfield continuity and I very much enjoyed this one Juliet Montague is invited to the Chatsfield Hotel in London for a hens party weekend she has always felt a little beneath these friends of hers and when she tells a small white lie about being engaged to her brothers best friend Marcus Bainbridge this story really hots up as both Juliet and Marcus have always felt something for each other and when pushed together this makes them both realize th [...]

    7. 2.5 stars And so it is the introduction to the Chatsfield world. The only thing that connects this book to the series is the story takes place in the London Chatsfield hotel.

    8. This is one of those really short prequel novels (61 pages) that serves as an intro or a teaser to a Harlequin series. I have no idea where it came from, but it has been sitting on my shelf for years, so I figured I'd get it out of the way. The storyline isn't a bad premise for a Harlequin novel, however because it is so short, in time and length, nothing is believable. *spoilers* (view spoiler)[Juliet is an emotionally fragile girl with manipulative friends. She doesn't want to admit she is sin [...]

    9. Soy una gran fan de este tipo de sagas en las que conocemos a un monton de personajes que van consiguiendo su propia historia con el paso de los libros, hace que le coja mucho cariño a los personajes.Engaged At The Chatsfield fue una lectura rapida y entretenida, me sorprendio que me gustara tanto, quizas porque al leer la sinopsis no me parecio que la novela fuera a ser tan atrapante.Definitivamnete una gran precuela para una serie que tiene muy buena pinta ( y que continuare leyendo ).2.75 Es [...]

    10. This is the first in the Harlequin Presents series that I've read, and I've never read anything by this author before. Some of the English terminology made me chuckle. All in all, it was a quick read about a young woman with low self confidence trying to fit in with her society friends. Trying to fit in causes Juliet to invent a fake fiance, who just happens to show up at the same hotel where she is attending a "hen" party for one of her friends. Busted!

    11. algo raro que al ser introductorio de la serie no toque mucho el tema de la familia como se supondría pero a pesar de esto,debo decir que es de los que más me han gustado en lo que llevo leído

    12. To be honest probably more deserving of 2 stars, but I gave it 3 because of how much I related to the heroine and the clear promise of better things to comeOk this book is just an 80 page prequel to the series and so I wasn't expecting a particularly great read. And that's a good thing. The book was decent, the story enjoyable and the writing clear, but overall it just didn't do it for me. This is one of the extremely rare occasions where I liked the heroine more than the hero. A lot more. Like [...]

    13. When Juliet shows up to a hen's party weekend at the luxurious Chatsfield, she has no idea her feelings of insecurity will get the better of her. But they do, and quite spectacularly too. She makes up a quick lie about being engaged to her brother's best friend Marcus.It is just for one weekend , there after she can make it go away right? Wrong! Marcus checks in at the same hotel minutes later. Of course he is outraged, yet silently delighted.He has always harbored a strong love for Juliet, but [...]

    14. I read book one of this series before I read this little prequel and I'm glad I did. I fell in love with the idea and went back to read this one. I might not have continued if I had started with this one.Here's what workedI love the series idea of stories that are set around The Chatsfield hotel chain. It's beautiful places and beautiful people kinda stories - very escape oriented. The Chatsfield family is also very tied to the series and I'm interested to learn about the different kids. I'm alr [...]

    15. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherFirst official volume in the multiple authors’ series titled The Chatsfield, this short story was published on 1st May 2014. Except the name of the hotel and the fact we see from afar Lucca Chatsfield, the hero of the next installment, there’s no link with the other volumes. The reader can skip this story without being bothered in his understanding. The only thing to know is that it’s Melanie Milbu [...]

    16. This is a wonder teaser for the Chatsfield series I totally enjoyed this short read. What a lovely read to give you a taste of this authors style. It was a story way too short, a wonderful read of love, misunderstanding, long, needs, and family. All it takes is one little lie to snowball into head shaking OMG what have I done. Then to get caught in the lie by you suppose finance was just too much. That just gets the ball started and lord does it roll, Marcus is one heck of a stand up man for not [...]

    17. Originally posted HERE.This was very short. I was expecting something short, but my copy ended at the 80% mark, so I got even less story than I expected!I’ve read some things by this author before, and she’s a solid writer who draws you in. It also makes such a difference to read something set in Britain that’s actually written by an author familiar with British English – the language is very different, in a very good way.The issues I had with this story were pretty standard because of t [...]

    18. Kendra Ashford’s bachelorette party invitation left Juliet Montague feeling inadequate and ashamed to be the only unattached female in the Kendra Clan. Dreading the pity looks and comments at the party, Juliet lied about an engagement with a friend of the family with no thought of possible consequences until her supposed fiancé appeared at the Chatsfield Hotel leaving Juliet and Marcus Bainbridge faced with media frenzy. To avoid harm to Juliet’s reputation and contain possible damage to Ma [...]

    19. Juliet Montague desperately wants to be a part of Kendra's posh clique and being invited to her party at the luxurious Chatsfield hotel is more than Juliet could hope for. Not wanting to feel out of place Juliet tells a small white lie but it quickly snowballs into a comedic turn of events. Now Juliet must rely on her friend Marcus to keep up the appearance of them being engaged for the weekend or both of their reputations could be damaged. This is the prequel to The Chatsfield continuity series [...]

    20. This was just okay and mostly that's owing to the main character, Juliet. Even in romance, I need a heroine that I can root for & even if not like, care about. Juliet was far too lacking in self-confidence, awareness and general self-esteem for me to cheer for her plight. The premise of Juliet telling the women at the hen party she's attending that she's engaged to the highley desireable Marcus was fine but it became very quickly irritating after meeting these women. None of them is actually [...]

    21. Juliet has been in love with her brother's best friend Marcus for as long as she can remember. So while at a friend's hen party she lets it slip that Marcus is her fiance. She never expects him to show up at the hotel. He isn't exactly thrilled to be playing a part to her impulsiveness, but agrees to play along. I was given a paper copy of this book. So until the book arrived in my hands, I was unaware of how tiny the book would be. It is 74 pages long. So while the premise of the story is fun, [...]

    22. This is a promotional prequel to the Chatsfield series.The overall concept reminded me a lot of the Better Date than Never series by Susan Hatler, in that the stories are more connected by the location than by the characters.I enjoyed the whole "pretend to have a fiancee, and then the guy actually shows up and has to pretend to be her fiancee" thing, but I felt that it moved way too fast, even for a novella.I swear I almost got whiplash from how quickly Marcus changed his mind about Juliet.You c [...]

    23. I won "Engaged at the Chatsfield", a Harlequin romance by Melanie Milburne through the Giveaway Contest. I hadn't expected this book to be so short, but it was still a relaxing read on a Sunday afternoon.Juliet Montague is invited to an elite weekend, celebrating Klendra Ashford's bachelorette party, at the Chatsfield Hotel in London. In order to fit in with Klendra's snobby friends, she says she has a fiancé, so she isn't the only girl without an engagement ring. But the lie would be discover [...]

    24. Juliet Montague is invited to her friend's hen party at the Chatsfield Hotel, downtown London, only the most exclusive hotel around. Unfortunately, Juliet's friends are all super rich, beautiful, pampered and stylish which she is not. Put on the spot, Juliet declares that she's engaged to Marcus Bainbridge whom she's sure is out-of-the country until Marcus shows up at the same hotel! Marcus is her brother's best friend and she's had a crush on him all her life; now to convince him to go along wi [...]

    25. Juliet is attending a hen weekend with her girlfriends whom she went to school with at the Chatfield hotel. She feel inferior compared to them with their skinny bodies and dressing sense. Hence, when she was asked about her relationship, she told a lie. She said she was engaged to his brother’s best friend, Marcus knowing that he is nowhere near the hotel and is unlikely to find out. However, things changed when Marcus arrived at the hotel for a job interview with the hotel management. It is a [...]

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