Modern Manners Tools to Take You to the Top From the world renowned etiquette expert and her granddaughter Liv Tyler an elegant guide to st century manners for professionals who want to be confident and successful in the business and social

  • Title: Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top
  • Author: Dorothea Johnson Liv Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780770434113
  • Page: 450
  • Format: ebook
  • From the world renowned etiquette expert and her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, an elegant guide to 21st century manners for professionals who want to be confident and successful in the business and social arenas Developing good manners is an important investment in your future They allow you to feel at ease in any situation and give you the polish and confidence to become aFrom the world renowned etiquette expert and her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, an elegant guide to 21st century manners for professionals who want to be confident and successful in the business and social arenas Developing good manners is an important investment in your future They allow you to feel at ease in any situation and give you the polish and confidence to become a leader Etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson s essential dos and don ts address both 21st century and classic questions, including acing job interviews giving confident handshakes making conversation proper business attire and meeting protocol e mail etiquette, including what to post or not on social media how to deal with rude cell phone users conducting a meeting at a restaurant attending business or social events table mannersWith style, wit, and delightful commentary throughout from her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, on everything from being a good guest to finding a balance with technology, Modern Manners is the must have guide to ensure your success.

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      450 Dorothea Johnson Liv Tyler
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    One thought on “Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top”

    1. I was surprised to see Liv Tyler’s name listed as an author of this book. I thought there was no way I could be thinking of the right Liv Tyler, famous actress (and daughter of the even more famous Steven Tyler, lead singer for rock band Aerosmith). But, no, it IS that Liv Tyler. Apparently, Liv’s grandmother is Dorothea Johnson, a renowned etiquette expert (yes, that’s a legit job that exists). Johnson does most of the heavy lifting in this book, which is probably as it should be, but Tyl [...]

    2. It’s an etiquette book with a cute cover. I couldn’t resist.This is a fairly basic etiquette book that apparently is targeted at those just starting out in their careers, so it isn’t fair for me to judge it based on other etiquette books. But I still will. If you’re going to get an etiquette book, and you’re a young woman who doesn’t mind the occasional f-bomb, you should get The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum, which includes this gem about breakfast after sleeping with someone: [...]

    3. لا شيء أهم من الأخلاق الحميدة في كل اللقاءات الاجتماعية، لكن هناك بعض التصرفات التي إن لم تفعلها لن تكون سيء الأخلاق لكنك تفقد ميزة يمكن أن تكسبك بعض المعارف والصداقات الجديدة، هي ما يسمى بـ "الاتيكيت" والتي يهتم أهل الطبقة المخملية على تعلمها، ويحرص الباني والمطور لنفسه على [...]

    4. وصف الإتيكيت دائمًا يجعلك في طريق التواصل مع الرُقي الذاتي لا شعوريًا.كتاب لطيف، بشرح دقيق.

    5. I found out about this book in a magazine with a photograph of Liv Tyler and her grandmother,Dorothea Johnson, and I though that it had probably been a wonderful experience for both of them to write a book together. Two women from different worlds were bound to have interesting ideas on manners nowadays.Therefore I decided to read it.The book starts with a lovely foreword by Liv Tyler which may me think how lucky she was to have such a remarkable grandmother ( and made me crave for Carrot Cake ) [...]

    6. Everything from how to navigate business luncheons to cell phone etiquette to how to make proper eye contact is covered in this book. Books like these should be mandatory in our educational system and required reading once a year.

    7. This book is entertaining and helpful in many ways. Being updated from the older Miss Manners makes a world of difference as well. I truly enjoyed the writing and perspective given in the book and would recommend it to anyone who has to think twice about social settings.

    8. Useful and comprehensive covering from work to social situations. Some parts have been updated for social media but some sections seem a bit antiquated. I'm hesitant to give a higher rating not because of the material but because the positioning is more for people with higher social class (e.g. hosting a lunch/dinner at an upscale restaurant with a CEO) and missing more practical pieces for the everyday life (e.g. How to host a casual get together or how to be better company).A worthwhile read f [...]

    9. I love etiquette books and grammar books. Anything with rules for proper living. I bought this particular book because I heard an interview with the author on MPBN's show Maine Calling. I was shocked to discover that the author is the grandmother of actress Liv Tyler, who, I discovered, co-authored the book. It is very simple, easy to ready, and I like that it IS modern and cellphone etiquette included.

    10. If you want to get the book for decoration purpose, this little hardback, well-designed book will definitely add color to your bookshelf. However, don't judge a book by its cover. If you want some smart and comprehensive advice, I would recommend Business Etiquette for Dummies. Again, I love the illustration of this book, but the content and advice were just disappointing. For example, on P.47 on DOs and DONTs on Meeting & Greeting, I cannot believe an advice like this was given: 'Don't expe [...]

    11. My grandmother recently died and I was unable to attend the funeral. A few days after the funeral I was asked why I did not send flowers; my embarrassed reply was I did not know that I was suppose to. I figured that I should read and etiquette (or two). This books is mostly business etiquette; however, it is well written and oddly compelling. I am already changing the way I answer the phone at work and trying not to use the term "No Problem". The food section was insane, I did not know there wer [...]

    12. This was an interesting book. It was published recently enough that it includes social media, but is still oddly out of date in some ways: texts shouldn't expect immediate response. When I think that's what they're designed for. It strikes a balance between manners for the sake of manners and usefulness in today's society, but doesn't really take into account smaller urban living. Does anyone really keep three saucers per tea drinker? Enjoyed how she explained some of the dining rules with pictu [...]

    13. #modern_manners by #liv_tyler and Dorothea Johnson #كتاب جميل خفيف وسهل القراءة للي يحب يقرا الزبدة يقدر يحصل مبتغاه وللي يحب يتعمق في التفاصيل يقدر يقرأ اكثر ويطول يفهم اكثر، سبحان الله على تجاربي في الحياة تعلمت منه ٨٠٪؜ عن الاتيكيت في التعامل مع الناس سواء ع الهاتف او وجه ل وجه او في المقابلات او [...]

    14. Perfect course on modern mannersThe only reason I gave this book 4 stars is because I bought it on the kindle and didn't realize how short it is :( I felt there was so much more to learn and the fun style of this book kept me wanting more. I felt like these were useful tips everyone should practice. Coming from a generation that lacks manners and is intitled I think it's important to read this and realize how we convey ourselves and treat others really reflects in our success and daily life. Qui [...]

    15. Excellent resource. Although this book is geared to business etiquette, it is appropriate reading for anyone who has contact with other human beings. Topics include introductions, phone etiquette, social media manners, and travel manners. The section on table manners and definations of terms such as casual dress vs business attire are especially helpful. This book would make a wonderful gift for high school or college graduations.

    16. كتاب رائع و محفز للقراءة أسلوب الكتاب واضح و سلس جميل كبداية للاطلاع على أصول الاتيكيت أما من لديه خلفية مسبقة سيكون الكتاب بمثابة تذكير لما يعرفه

    17. Could be helpful for a new graduate or Kimmy Schmidt. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, save your time and money.

    18. I learned things that I never knew before, but some of this book is more for someone who would eat out at a fancy resteraunt. . .

    19. Lovely, short, and sweet etiquette book geared toward professionals. Definitely a few new tidbits I had not heard before. I enjoyed it. 3.5/5

    20. Dorothea Johnson & Liv Tyler. Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top. New York, NY: Potter Style, 2013.Actress Liv Tyler co-writes this book with her grandmother, Dorothea Johnson. Modern Manners is a well-organized guide to etiquette that covers: how to make proper greetings; job interviews and appropriate work attire; communicating through email, texting, and social media; proper dining skills; and advice on being a host.I really appreciated the chapter on email etiquette and how to [...]

    21. nerdophiles/2015/03/19Modern Manners is the type of book that you don’t realize you needed, until you have it in your hands and are reading it. Filled with advice, cute stories, and the knowledge of how to be an adult, it is a book that should reside on your shelves. Every circumstance you can think of is in here, from how to greet and talk to people, to how to land that job you want. It’s great, and exceeded every expectation I had. It’s a beautiful, sleek book with a classy feel to it.Th [...]

    22. When I say Liv Tyler, most people would recognize I am talking about the actress who portrayed Arwen undomiel in The Lord of the Rings but do they know she also has an etiquette expert grandmother, Dorothea Johnson. Liv and her grandmother have come together to write an amazing manners reference book recently.The book is divided by six major contents: Meetings & Greetings, On the Job, Electronic Communications, Out and About, Dining Skills and The savvy Host. It covers from the most basic ha [...]

    23. I found this book to be a very interesting read, even if all you do is skim through the information. Obviously, the credentials of the authors give the book credibility to what they prescribe, but even if everyone around you has no clue as to what proper manners would dictate, carrying yourself in the ways that they suggest can only help to improve the image people have of you.The writing style of this book makes what can be an excessively dry topic fairly interesting to read. I found the book v [...]

    24. Modern Manners is a nifty little handbook full of etiquette tips with colorful instructions. Since it’s more of a self-help book, I recommend not digesting it all at one time, but slowly bit by bit. You can also keep it on your desk as a reference book and flip to a subject where you might need to refresh your mind.The book is organized really well and breaks down topics such as “how to address someone”, dress code for events, and the many do’s and don’ts depending on the situation. Wh [...]

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