The Disobedient Mistress Caterer Misty Carlton is in serious trouble Her business is on the rocks and the only man who can save her butt is Leone Andracchi an arrogant infuriating and temptingly hot Sicilian tycoon Leone kno

  • Title: The Disobedient Mistress
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: 9780373198795
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Caterer Misty Carlton is in serious trouble Her business is on the rocks and the only man who can save her butt is Leone Andracchi an arrogant, infuriating and temptingly hot Sicilian tycoon Leone knows exactly how precarious Misty s situation is and he s about to take advantage of it He offers her a deal that seems deceptively easy Misty plays obedient mistress toCaterer Misty Carlton is in serious trouble Her business is on the rocks and the only man who can save her butt is Leone Andracchi an arrogant, infuriating and temptingly hot Sicilian tycoon Leone knows exactly how precarious Misty s situation is and he s about to take advantage of it He offers her a deal that seems deceptively easy Misty plays obedient mistress to Leone strictly hands off, of course, and only for the sake of the public eye In return for keeping up the charade, Misty gets a sizable chunk of cash and gets to keep her business What Misty doesn t know is that she s part of a revenge scheme, aimed at discrediting her biological father The hands off factor is becoming a problem because every time Misty and Leone begin arguing heatedly, their bodies and lips take over Sure, it makes for great press but how can Misty lust for someone she so thoroughly despises

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      226 Lynne Graham
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    One thought on “The Disobedient Mistress”

    1. AWESOME BOOK MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!You should read this one if only for the dialogue between the two of them. Wow talk about explosive! The HOT limo scene when he talks French (WOW)The HOT scene in the elevator The scene when she talks about her accident and not being able to have children (we all know how that ends up)The best scene however is when the hero trips over the ride on mower trying to explain his feelings and failing awesomely!!!That scene plays out so amazingly in my head. What a grea [...]

    2. Oy vey. The Greek/tycoon/billionaire inner monologuing has begunOkay, I am a little confused. This had so many of the traditional Lynne Graham markers, but it just did not click for me.Leone, the H, uses Misty as means of revenge against the death of his sister so we have the following tropes in play:VirginAbandoned by parents; searching for sistersThe h used as tool of revenge against the man who killed his sisterUnknowingly besotted heroInfertile h cured by magical presence of the HApril 15, 2 [...]

    3. Hot passion, intense romance, and a wonderful sense of humor - take the scene when she climbs on top of him and says "Give it to me!" and his response to that. Leone is an alpha male billionaire whose greatest vulnerability lies with the heroine because he's crazy about her. As usual, Lynne Graham lives up to expectation! Misty is tough as well as beautiful but she's no match when faced with the charms of Leone Andracchi. She agrees to become his mistress in name only to save her fledgling busin [...]

    4. I give this one 3.5 stars. Cute, fast read with an interesting story and plot. However, it is not as well done as the sequele Heiress Bride. I somehow felt it lacked depth and emotion. There were too many characters and consequently not one got the depth required for a five star read.Except maybe the hero. I really did love the hero, Leone, in spite of his very cruel and vicious actions in the very beginning. He was certainly one ruthless Sicilian bent on avenging his sister's death. However, he [...]

    5. I don't think I've ever read a revenge story with this light of a tone before. The hero wants revenge on a family values politician who he feels caused his sister's death. His revenge is to make his illegitimate daughter his mistress so the press will dig into her background and expose the politician for his hypocrisy. Why he didn't just leak these revelations to the press without personally involving the heroine is beyond me - but then we wouldn't have a plot.And here's the plot:The heroine is [...]

    6. The h is a sweet good hearted 22 year old with a painful past. The H is a typical alpha male. He is intent on exacting revenge on the h's biological father and has decided to use the h as the means to ruin him. The h doesn't even know who her biological father is but the H has come up with justifications for why it's ok to use her. Unfortunately for him he very quickly falls for her and it's too late to stop the revenge drama and the h is hurt by his actions. Fortunately the H knows how to grove [...]

    7. "The Disobedient Mistress" is the story of Misty and Leone.When caterer Misty's business is on the verge of bankruptcy, she ends up losing her last contract thanks to the elusive Sicilian billionaire Leone's whim. He however offers to pay off her loans, if she agrees to be his pretend only mistress. However he has an ulterior revenge motive behind his proposition, and despite their efforts, their chemistry is off the chartsOverall an average to good read- a bit heavy on angst and on the passiona [...]

    8. One of my forever favs, thank you so much LG!First the bad stuff, which actually wasn't bad just small details that bothered me but that weren't really important:I had an issue with this book and that was the age of the heroine. I thought Misty was way too young (22) to have her own catering company plus she had already lived the disappointing result of her search for sisters, the accident that left her infertile and led to her broken engagement. I know that there are other heroines that go thro [...]

    9. Nice romance but I couldn't warm up to the heroine for some reason. The hero was a sexy and romantic Sicilian but the heroine was not good enough for him. She was kind of cold and indifferent. She didn't quite deserved him.

    10. Can we have more story lines like this? Misty made Leone go crazy - crazy in love = D Absolutely loved this book ***** Love this author *****

    11. Aşkın Varisinden sonra Gelin Kızkardeşler serisinin ikinci kitabı idiBu hikayede Freddy'nin kayıp ikiz kardeşlerinden Misty Carlton'un hikayesi idiJaspar ile evlenen Freddy kız kardeşlerini ararken ikiz kız kardeşi de çok zengin ve karizmatik bir erkek Leone Andrecchi adındaki bir Sicilyalının tuzağına düşmüştüÇünkü babasının kim olduğunu bilmeyen Misty onu işlediği günah yüzünden bir intikam maşasına bu adam dönüştürülecektiÇok zengin bir adam olan OLive [...]

    12. leone was such a big con !!i absolutely loved it when misty told him his sister should not mess up with married men. ofc misty's father was an awful man n a seducer of women.e lowest of scum. so we understand leone's hatred n motivation. very nice read but it lacked smthg somehow 2 make it a 5 star. n lynne graham has written more awesomeness than this one;)

    13. ‘I’m afraid I don’t understand,‟ Misty framed very slowly and succinctly while she wondered if he were a brick short of the full load in the mental department or drunk as a skunk and just not showing physical signs of his condition. If she said jump to him and he said how high, she would direct him to the nearest lift shaft, „Sorry if I’ve kept you waiting, amore,‟ Leone murmured smooth as silk, moving to her side to place an infuriatingly possessive hand on her spine.„Philip Red [...]

    14. This book is so much more than what the title states and I’m not even sure when the heroine was ever disobedient (I hate that word, she’s a grown woman), while she was playing the role of the hero’s mistress. At the very beginning the hero started out as your typical alpha jerk that you come to expect from Lynne Graham however, after they make their first public appearance and are in the limo on the car ride home, you know they are not going to be able to keep their hands off each other an [...]

    15. menghibur si walau di awal rada skeptis ini cerita plotnya kurang menarikeh ternyata boleh jugasi Leon labil. greget pengen ughhw, si flash-mayak mirip sama karakter di zootopia HAHAHA. parah.

    16. Lynne Graham is an Author I will definitely pick-upThe ultimate dialogue'I really thought I was never going to get you backThe baby was a miracle to me too and for you to say that it was your fault that that life-saving development took place' Leone loosed a shaken laugh at that concept, dark golden eyes pinned to her with disbelief. 'Do you know why I couldn't protect you that weekend?'Misty shook her head, joy beginning to unfurl inside her and take wings.'I'm the bright spark who deliberately [...]

    17. I don't know why. Maybe because I kind of confuse with Miss Graham's style of writing. I find this book very intriguing, especially with the "revenge" stuff because I'm so into it. And the summary persuade me to purchase this book. But, hmmm, I'm not saying it's bad, but I confused. That's the major reason. The way Miss Graham put the point of view is random. Jumping from one character to another, without warning. And it's confusing. And moodswing in Misty's "inner battle", again, confusing. I m [...]

    18. Wow, wow, wow. Really amazing read I liked it a lot, the hero was super, suuuuuuuuuuuper nice, I liked him a lot, and the ending was Deliciously good. Of course I couldn't keep from shedding the obligatory tears at the very, very happy ending…

    19. I didn't expect much from this book, but I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Despite the fact that it's a revenge story, the main characters didn't spend all the time fighting and hating each other. Brava to Ms Graham!

    20. oh my god!! this heroine was amazing she bought the poor hero on his knees time and again.I loved her sass;) also the hero was cuteey made an amazing pair.

    21. After reading so many great reviews i was very excited to read this. but unfortunately i realised i had way too high of expectations about this book and i was left feeling very disappointed. My main problem wasnt with the main characters, in fact i rather liked them when the h wasn't being extremely naive and i like the hero when he wasn't being a cocky little arse.It was with the h's father and his wife Jenny, The h's father was disgusting cunt. (excuse my language please) i was so upset with t [...]

    22. While not as good as the first book in the series, this book had its own highlights. Leone blackmails Misty into being his pretend mistress to bring down the politician who is responsible for his younger sister's death. Misty doesn't know what Leone is planning and has no clue that the politician is her father. Although it would be easy to dislike Leone, he wins you over with his kindness and charm. Misty is sweet but a fighter. She has a hard time trusting people because so many people have let [...]

    23. Harus aku akui, kisah ini hanya kubaca di bagian dialognya saja. Skip semua adegan pembicaraan dialog antara si tokoh utama dengan dirinya sendiri, atau isi pikirannya. Mungkin karena aku sudah membaca beberapa buku HQ banyak sekali, dan beberapa tipikal isi pikiran mereka tidak perlu lagi aku baca untuk tahu. Akibatnya, hampir sebagian besar aku lewatkan dengan mudah dan tidak mendalam, walau begitu, mendekati ending aku bisa merasakan simpati untuk si tokoh utama, jadinya, kusematkan tiga bint [...]

    24. Misty had to have a final contract otherwise her catering business would be over. Little did she knew that the hero, Leone Andracchi, was the person who was ruining her business in order to force her to be his mistress and get at her biological father. It's an okay pass-time novel even though every event was predictable.

    25. I liked this better than your average Harlequin romance. You start out thinking the hero of the story is a real jerk and by 3/4 of the way in you are rooting for him as you realize that he really is a good guy and how much in love with the heroine he really is.

    26. illekitap/2014Harlequin kitaplarını seviyorum hele ki kısacık sıcacık hikayeleri ise okura inanılmaz zevk veriyor ama işte amalar da oluyor bazen ne yazık kiLynne Graham yazarın methini o kadar duydum ki kalemini seven okur kitlesi o kadar fazla ki insanda bir merak oluşturuyor ve okuma isteği doğuyor insanın içinde Benimde doğdu ve okuyayım dedim ahh bir de bu kitap, kitap sayfalarından tanıdığım sonra yüz yüze tanıştığım ve samimiyeti ve güler yüzlülüğü ile s [...]

    27. jujur, sewaktu membaca sinopsis cerita seri sister brides ini, aku merasa seri pertama akan lebih menarik dibanding dua seri lainnya. tapi tidak, aku merasa buku yang kedua ini lebih menarik dibanding buku satunya. mungkin karena alur ceritanya yang lebih 'berbobot'.Misty berperan sebagai kekasih dari pengusaha miliuner, Leone, tanpa mengetahui apa maksud dari pria tampan itu. karena keterbatasan dana untuk membiayai usaha catering-nya Misty terpaksa merendahkan dirinya menerima syarat itu untuk [...]

    28. Starts slow but gets very good. Talks french in limo scene. Scene where she get on top and says give it to me. Hero Falls over mower Her biological father is a politician He wants revenge on him. He takes her to a country weekend where they consummate and she meets her father. She was raised by foster mother Her foster brother is a famous pop star and he thinks she is his groupie. he calls him her mafioso

    29. Unbeknown to caterer Misty Carlton, Sicilian tycoon Leone Andracchi is determined to use her to punish her biological father. Facing bankruptcy and needing funds to help her foster mother, Misty is forced to agree to his job offer- to act as Leone's mistress.Of course there are complications, including physical desire and misunderstandings, but this is a decent story. I usually don't like the "get revenge by destroying innocents" trope, but this one was handled pretty well.

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