The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure The Jellybeans are ready for an art adventure when Bitsy enlists the other girls to help her paint a mural at their favorite place the candy shop After a fun trip to the museum to learn about art the

  • Title: The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure
  • Author: Laura Joffe Numeroff Nate Evans Lynn Munsinger
  • ISBN: 9781419701719
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Jellybeans are ready for an art adventure when Bitsy enlists the other girls to help her paint a mural at their favorite place the candy shop After a fun trip to the museum to learn about art, the four Jellybeans use their different strengths and talents to work together to create a colorful success.This fourth book in the successful, New York Times bestselling serieThe Jellybeans are ready for an art adventure when Bitsy enlists the other girls to help her paint a mural at their favorite place the candy shop After a fun trip to the museum to learn about art, the four Jellybeans use their different strengths and talents to work together to create a colorful success.This fourth book in the successful, New York Times bestselling series once again shows, whether readers are girly girls, bookworms, artists, or tomboys, that there is a Jellybean for everyone

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    • ✓ The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Laura Joffe Numeroff Nate Evans Lynn Munsinger
      243 Laura Joffe Numeroff Nate Evans Lynn Munsinger
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Laura Joffe Numeroff Nate Evans Lynn Munsinger
      Posted by:Laura Joffe Numeroff Nate Evans Lynn Munsinger
      Published :2018-011-07T23:13:27+00:00

    One thought on “The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure”

    1. The Jellybeans are back. This time, Bitsy finds artistic inspiration and support from the other Jellybeans.

    2. One of the things I like about this series of books is that you can start with any of them and the author gives enough background on the four friends so that each book feels independent, and with a good story. One does not have to read them in order to get the idea of the friends.

    3. Everyone has talent is the theme of this picture book written by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger and published by Abrams Books for Young Readers. A unique group of girlfriends has their own talents and they cheer each other on but when the group of them is asked to paint a mural for their favorite candy store, the artist in the group is worried people won't like their artwork. #PB #animals #friendship #creativity #art

    4. The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure is about four best friends. They each enjoy to do separate things however, they all realize that even though they are different they can still be best friends. Just like jellybeans in how they are so different with many colors and flavors yet they come together as one. Bitsy, loves to paint and is given the opportunity to paint a mural for the candy shop but needs the help of her best friends. They were all scared because they don’t know how to paint li [...]

    5. The Jellybeans and the Big Adventure is the story of four girls - Bitsy (Painter), Emily (Dancer), Anna(Reader), Nicole (Soccer player) - and how their adventure on painting a mural. These four girls all had different interests, but the love of jellybeans unites them as friends, in which they call themselves the BEAN group. After Bitsy has trouble coming up with an idea on what to paint on the mural outside of a cafe, Emily, Anna and Nicole come together to help Bitsy to achieve a great mural pa [...]

    6. This book is about four friends who all have very different interests, but are great friends anyway. One loves to draw, one loves to read, one loves to dance, and one loves to play soccer. However, what they have in common is their love for jellybeans. So they go to the candy shop and are given a project to paint a mural on the wall outside. They each use their special skill set to create something wonderful that goes perfectly together, just like their friendship.For this book I would have the [...]

    7. This next adventure of the girl's group called the Jellybeans concentrates on Bitsy's gift of art. Emily loves to dance, Anna loves to read, Nicole loves to play soccer, but Bitsy loves art. She paints and draws wherever she goes. One day, the owner of the candy shop where they buy their jellybeans asks Bitsy to paint a mural. Bitsy asks her friends to help. She teaches them a little bit about art and they each do their part to create a beautiful mural.The thing I like most about the Jellybean c [...]

    8. I enjoy how each book in this series shows that even people who are very different can still be good friends. Each book features one of four best friends and the activity they love most (art, in this case) and shows how they can incorporate the interests of their friends into the beloved activity. Bitsy loves art and to paint. In this book she takes her friends to the art museum where they discover there is art featuring their own favorite activities (dance, reading, sports). Bitsy is also asked [...]

    9. When the owner of Petunia's candy shop needs an attractive mural for her shop, artistic Bitsy convinces her three friends, all of whom have different talents, to help her. I like the way the friends are all different and have different hobbies and yet still manage to support one another. Even when Bitsy is stumped for what to paint, they urge her on. Of course, it's fitting that they are paid for their work with the very candy that gave them their names--Jellybeans. Fans of this series--this is [...]

    10. This is the second book in this series that we've read. This one is about Bitsy who loves to paint. The owner of the Jellybean shop they always go to asks Bitsy to paint a masterpiece on the side wall. All of her friends help out in their own way and Bitsy finishes it off.What I like about these books is that it shows how you can use your own abilities to do other things - like use a soccer ball to make the center of a flower or do a ballet dance and brush the paintbrush across the wall to make [...]

    11. Cute illustrations, sweet, but ordinary story. Four friends are all different, but get along well together. Each one is good at something: painting, reading, soccer, and ballet. The lady who owns the candy store asks the artist pig character to paint a wall outside her store. The pig has her friends help her, and then experiences a brief crisis in which she worries that everyone will see her art and judge it. She overcomes this fear when her friends encourage her that she will be brilliant, and [...]

    12. A subtle lesson that tells us even though we are all different, we can all get along anyway. Bitsy LOVES to paint.Emily LOVES to dance.Anna LOVE to read.And, Nicole LOVES to play soccer. They're just like jelly beans: different flavors that get along well with one another.Mrs. Petunia Dinley-Sneezer, onwer of Petunia's Candy Shop 'commissions' them to paint a mural on her wall. Just like the Jellybeans, the mural is colorful, full of togetherness, and joyful!

    13. This book is about four friends who each love doing different things. However, they have one thing in common: their love of jellybeans. The friends learn to use each of their special talents to create a special project together. This book is great for explaining that it is okay for friends to have different talents. When you come together and put your special talents together, you can create something much greater.

    14. This book is mainly about Bitsy who loves art. Bitsy and the girls take on an adventure to paint Mrs. Petunias wall on the candy shop that they love to get jellybeans from. Bitsy taught the girls to paint and they painted on the wall and made a mural. This book teaches kids that everyone can work together no matter what. The illustrations for this book is wonderful because it helps tell the story further. The reader would never know how beautiful the mural was until they saw the illustrations.

    15. Cute story!I like the concept of the friends all liking different things, but all working together.With four main characters, it could get a little confusing, but it doesn't in this book.The problem in the story centers around one character, but they all work together to solve it.With four main characters, each child reading the book is BOUND to find someone to relate to!Great illustrations too.

    16. Fun, very sparkly book about how everyone has a different thing they are good at. A wee bit heavy-handed at times, but overall, it has nice resolution and a solid story.Art is pretty nice, with the animals being surprisingly realistic looking. Few enough words-per-page to make it a possible storytime book.

    17. This is quite a fun picture book about 4 friends who are very different with very different interests apart from their overlapping love of jellybeans! The four are friends despite their differences teaching a great lesson to readers. They also draw from their strengths to work together on a project with a wonderful result.

    18. My school does a restaurant theme and that includes a candy shops, and this was one of the younger picture books I found to do with the PreK - 3s. They sat still for it though some of the boys seemed to loose interest.

    19. The Jelly Beans--four friends who like to do such different things as paint, play soccer, read, and dance--paint a mural on an outside wall of Mrs. Petunia Dinkley-Sneezer's candy shop that depicts them each doing what they love best.

    20. Sweet story of friendship between three very different girls. Lynn Munsinger's easily recognizable picture style always cause instant conversation between me and my daughter, remembering all the other fabulous books she has illustrated that we have shared.

    21. Has Lynn Munsinger's appealing animals characters, and a good story about working as a team on a project.

    22. cute story about celebrating our differences and talents. Great illustrations cute story, just didn't like one of the tongue twister character names. it makes reading it less enjoyable.

    23. The Jellybeans are back in this story by the writer of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"Bitsy the pit gets to paint a mural on Petunia's wall, but what will she paint?

    24. I think the characters in the books are cute. I'm going to share Jellybeans with my second grade class.

    25. A cute series about the friendship of four creative friends. I loved all the detailed illustrations. Definitely a story to read to my granddaughter.

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