Hot Sour Salty Sweet Ana Shen has what her social studies teacher calls a marvelously biracial multicultural family but what Ana simply calls a Chinese American father and an African American mother And on eighth grade g

  • Title: Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet
  • Author: Sherri L. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780385734172
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ana Shen has what her social studies teacher calls a marvelously biracial, multicultural family but what Ana simply calls a Chinese American father and an African American mother And on eighth grade graduation day, that s a recipe for disaster Both sets of grandparents are in town to celebrate, and Ana s best friend has convinced her to invite Jamie Tabata the cutesAna Shen has what her social studies teacher calls a marvelously biracial, multicultural family but what Ana simply calls a Chinese American father and an African American mother And on eighth grade graduation day, that s a recipe for disaster Both sets of grandparents are in town to celebrate, and Ana s best friend has convinced her to invite Jamie Tabata the cutest boy in school or a home cooked meal Now Ana and her family have four hours to prepare their favorite dishes for dinner, and Grandma White and Nai Nai can t agree on anything Ana is tired of feeling caught between her grandparents and wishes she knew whose side she was supposed to be on But when they all sit down for their hot, sour, salty, and sweet meal, Ana comes to understand how each of these different flavors, like family, fit perfectly together.

    Hot Sour Salty Sweet A Culinary Journey In Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet, at last this great culinary region is celebrated with all the passion, color, and life that it deserves Read Read less See the Best Books of the Month Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet Sherri L Smith Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet Ana Shen has what her social studies teacher calls a marvelously biracial, multicultural family but what Ana simply calls a Chinese American father Hot Sour Salty Sweet FoodWine In Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet, Alford and Duguid confirm, with contagious enthusiasm, that the Mekong river region will be the major influence on the cooking scene for the next quarter century. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet by Sherri L Smith Jan , Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweetby Sherri Smith Ana s middle school graduation day is going to be just perfect She s Salutatorian and at night there s going to be a school dance and a chance to finally connect with her crush Jamie Tabata. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet HOT, SOUR, SALTY, SWEET is a YA novel that will resonate with both older and YA readers, alike This is a book I d have loved to have read as a young adult I found myself reminiscing on my own junior high high school graduations, and that time in my life. The Food Lab s Reading List, Day Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet was my first real introduction to the cuisines of Southeast Asia I mean, I d eaten at Thai and Vietnamese restaurants growing up, but it was only after reading this gorgeous book that I thought, Oh, I get it now. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet by Sherri L Smith NOOK Book Her grandmothers don t get along and the evening could be a disaster Ana tries to smooth things out as the meal comes together, but it s not easy Her father reassures her that the differences in her family are like different flavors in Chinese cooking hot, sour, salty, sweet that together make something delicious. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet Flashcards Create, Study and plastic surgery to fold the skin under the lid of the eyes to make them look rounder european.

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    1. If, by the end of Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet, you're not hoofing it as fast as you can your local chinese or soul food restaurant, you're either dead or anorexic. This book, with all the delicious food being prepared en masse, is a culinary delightd that's not what it's really about.It starts off with a bang and keeps going as fourteen year-old Ana Shen--the quirky product of a Black mother and a Chinese-American father--is about to give her speech at her junior high graduation when a water main bu [...]

    2. A 2009-2010 Sunshine State Book for Grades 6-8.For me, this story was excruciatingly boring. What started out as a promising story of a young girl's infatuation with a guy really panned out to be a long, drawn out story of how to cook and clean amidst family members driving you crazy. However, as I try to do with every book I read, I tried to think about what was positive about the story. For one, I felt it was a realistic portrayal of one dysfunctional family's attempt to prepare for a big grad [...]

    3. Ana Chen is graduating from eighth grade, which should be a happy day for her. But her Chinese American father and her African American mother have invited both sets of grandparents over to dinner, and her grandparents just don't get along. To make things even worse, her best friend got Ana to invite cute Jamie Tabata and his parents, and Ana is worried that things will blow up with Jamie there. I felt this was a lot slighter than Flygirl. It was fine and reasonably entertaining as far as it wen [...]

    4. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweetby Sherri SmithAna’s middle school graduation day is going to be just perfect. She’s Salutatorian and at night there’s going to be a school dance and a chance to finally connect with her crush Jamie Tabata. But her dreams are shattered when a water pipe explodes, canceling her speech and dance. Her best friend Chelsea won’t sit by and see Ana’s day spoiled, so she invites Jamie to Ana’s house to dinner. With just hours left before everyone’s set to arrive, An [...]

    5. When a pipe bursts during Ana Shen's middle school graduation, flooding the field and cutting the ceremony short, it doesn't seem like things could get any worse. Then comes the announcement that the gym is flooded, too, and the graduation dance is cancelled. The dance was going to be Ana's big chance to tell Jamie Tabata she likes him before they go their separate ways for high school, but when her best friend Chelsea ends up inviting Jamie and his family over to Ana's for a graduation dinner, [...]

    6. Ana is the salutatorian of her 8th grade class and as she is about to give her speech, the water main breaks and causes flooding. She is not as disappointed about not being able to give her speech as she is that the school dance has been canceled due to the flooding of the gym floor. She had hoped to attend the dance with the valedictorian, Jamie, the boy she likes. As an alternate plan, her friend, Chelsea, invites Jamie and his family along with her own family to Ana's house for dinner. Ana ha [...]

    7. Ana Shen has what one of her teachers calls a multiracial family, though for Ana, it's simply her African-American mother and Asian-American father. The whole story takes place on the day of her graduation from eighth grade--from the ceremony and its unplanned events to the family dinner at her house and its own unplanned events. She is pleased to offer a dinner invitation to Jamie Tabata, a Japanese-American boy on whom she has a crush. But the different cultural rules about everything from foo [...]

    8. I ask myself one question about this book. What was the point? There really was none. It was horribly boring to the point of me almost not finishing, and I am upset I actually used my time to read it. The story focuses on some plain-Jane girl who likes a boy and ends up inviting him to dinner with her (incredibly annoying) family. This sounds like a Disney television episode, not material for a novel. The entire plot of the book is her family going through a really unnecessarily hectic afternoon [...]

    9. An odd, preachy story which highlights a multi-cultural family and their struggles and issues. Ana Shen, newly graduated salutatorian is just about to give her speech when a pipe bursts quickly ending the graduation ceremonies. Her crush, Jamie, will be out of her life forever (maybe) now that they are going to different high schools. Through a series of curious conversations, the Shen family hosts an impromptu dinner party for the graduates, including Jamie and his family, her best friend, Chel [...]

    10. Ana's 8th grade graduation day is full of drama. The pipes at school burst during her speech, cutting graduation short and canceling the graduation dance. So instead of figuring out how to get Jaime Tabata to dance with her, Ana has to figure out how to get her two sets of grandparents to get along. Ana's mother is African American and her father is Chinese American, so there is a bit of a culture clash when both sides of the family come together. When Jaime and a couple other classmates show up [...]

    11. I laughed so hard I almost cried while reading this book. When I made my purchase I didn't know it was about a fourteen year old but nevertheless I enjoyed Ana's big day. Ms. Smith who I'm a rescent fan of does a wonderful job of showing the similarites between people of different cultures,in this case Ana's grandparents, her mother is African American and her father is Chinese American. The friction arises over cooking Ana's graduation meal, since food and the sharing of a meal is important to [...]

    12. In that I'm raising two daughters who are half-Filipino and half-Ashkenazi Jewish, there were some familiar echoes here for me. I shudder at the idea of MY mother and mother-in-law ever having to cook in the same kitchen!Ana Mai Shen is half-black and half-Chinese. She's just graduated from middle school. And during the afternoon and evening of her graduation party her two sets of grandmothers battle in the kitchen over the food and her love.The boy she has a crush on comes over for dinner along [...]

    13. Being of black and Chinese heritage, Ana feels she has to be all things to all people. But as her Chinese father points out, she's a combination of the best both cultures offer in much the same way a good Chinese dish combines different flavors (hence the title) and comes out perfect and delicious. The book takes place over middle school graduation day and the narrative pace can be somewhat frenzied. But readers who have been thoroughly embarrassed on a regular basis by their own families will i [...]

    14. When the 8th grade graduation dance is canceled, Ana Shen sees her last chance to hang out with her crush Jamie Tabata sinking down the drain. Then her best friend invites Jamie and his parents to a graduation dinner at Ana's house. Ana really wants to make a good impression on him, but with two sets of competitive grandparents, can she keep the peace long enough to get through dinner? This is the sweet, funny story of one chaotic dinner. Nothing turns out as Ana had planned, but that might not [...]

    15. Half Asian and half African American, Ana Shen is no stranger to having to juggle her interesting collaboration of a family. Her eighth-grade graduation is no different, when both sides of her family come together to cook dinner for her crush that is coming over. Desperately hoping to impress him she pulls out all the stops to seem "normal". Her family, on the other hand, butts heads at every corner, leading to many near disasters. Ana and her family finally pull it together for one completely d [...]

    16. This book was small, but the subject matter was heavy! The cover looks deceptively like a children's book, but upon second glance is a very concise portrait in a sort of papercut style (but done digitally) (at least that's what it looked like to me). More importantly, it made me want to feast on everything that the family made for their impromptu graduation meal.I think it would have been more engaging in first-person. But I would recommend it to fans of realistic fiction or people who quarrel w [...]

    17. This is book 1 of 15 that I'll be reading this summer for the 6th to 8th grade Sunshine State Young Reader Award (SSYRA) books. This story centers on one meal, as prepared by the very diverse family of a graduating eighth grade girl. Kendall is half Chinese, half African-American. Her assorted family members all seem to compete for her affection and attention as they prepare a meal intended to impress the Japanese-American boy that Kendall has a crush on. There are some touching moments as Kenda [...]

    18. I found this to be a quick and hilarious read. I understood the cultural references and I think that really adds to the enjoyment of the book. As a children's book there are some in your face messages which I can appreciate for a younger audience. Some of the characters seem a little 2D, but since this is a children's book that spans the length of a day, I honestly didn't expect any great character changes from anyone except maybe the main character (which did happen, so another point for Smith) [...]

    19. i liked this book. it was about a girl graduating middle school going to high school. her graduation was a reck her cap and gown got ruined by the water. this girl is bio. her mom's black her dad is chinese american. her grandma on her mom's side and her other grandma on her dads side tend to fight all the time because of different beliefs amd culture. the girl tries to set up a dinner for a guy she likes who's japenese the family works together to make a good dinner for the guest.

    20. As a recent graduate (and salutaurian) from middle school ana wants to invite her crush jamie over for a family picnic. The book details the making of the dinner. From her grandmothers pot stickers to her other grandmothers gumbo you slowly find out that Ana is both Chinese and African American. The story revolves around the clash of the grandmothers, Ana trying to reconcile them and cumulates with Jamie's father acting very badly. An awesome book and quick read.

    21. Ana Shen invites her middle school crush to a dinner party at her house the night of graduation - but there is no party planned. Ana has just hours to pull off a feast with the help of her parents and her grandparents. The trick is, her Chinese grandparents don't get along with her African American grandparents - not exactly the recipe for a smooth evening. This was a light read, but fun.

    22. At first I thought it was a little too girly for my taste, but once I got over the initial hesitation I enjoyed myself. The fighting grandmothers and pretty girls who get their way brightend the story.

    23. Chararcters and dialogue just weren't believable for me, and since the plot wasn't exactly high adventure (is she or is she not going to be embarrassed by her family in front of the guy she likes)I quickly lost interest

    24. Interesting premise and it did have potential, but the characters don't really ring true, and the additional stories don't add much to the theme. Overall does not work.

    25. Nice read, but I always find what seem to be mistakes in this author's books and they bring me out of my suspension of disbelief.

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