Existentialism Includes selections from Kierkegaard Turgener Dostoevsky Nietzsche Hesse Heidegger Marcel Jaspers Kafka Gide Sartre Merleau Ponty de Beauvoir Rieocer Berdygev Buber Tillich Pinter Be

  • Title: Existentialism
  • Author: Robert C. Solomon
  • ISBN: 9780075537113
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Includes selections from Kierkegaard, Turgener, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Hesse, Heidegger, Marcel, Jaspers, Kafka, Gide, Sartre, Merleau Ponty, de Beauvoir, Rieocer, Berdygev, Buber, Tillich, Pinter, Beckett, Mailer, Laing, Bellon Bach, Weiss, and Muller.

    Existentialism Definition of Existentialism by Merriam Recent Examples on the Web This adage comes from Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher, poet, theologian and the founder of existentialism kansascity, Jean Paul Bradshaw, June This adage comes from Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher, poet, theologian and the founder of existentialism kansascity, Jean Paul Bradshaw, June This adage comes from Soren Existentialism Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Existentialism Existentialism is a catch all term for those philosophers who consider the nature of the human condition as a key philosophical problem and who share the view that this problem is best addressed through ontology. Existentialism Definition, Nature, History, Issues Existentialism, any of various philosophies, most influential in continental Europe from about to the mid th century, that have in common an interpretation of human existence in the world that stresses its concreteness and its problematic character. Existentialism Literature Periods Movements Existentialism I think therefore I am Though reduced now to the level of clich, Rene Descartes famous maxim sums up perfectly the philosophical underpinnings of existentialist thought. Existentialism As an Educational Philosophy Dr V.K Dr V.K Maheshwari, Former Principal K.L.D.A.V P.G College, Roorkee, India Because I exist, because I think, therefore, I think that I exist According to the statement I think it is clear that I exists and it has existence. Christian existentialism Christian existentialism is a theo philosophical movement which takes an existentialist approach to Christian theology The school of thought is often traced back to the work of the Danish philosopher and theologian Sren Kierkegaard The existential approach to Christian theology has a long and diverse history including Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal and Maritain. Diverse Lineages of Existentialism II The first Diverse Lineages of Existentialism DLE conference took place in June in St Louis Margaret Peg Simons from Southern Illinois University at Black existentialism Black existentialism or Africana critical theory is a school of thought that critiques domination and affirms the empowerment of Black people in the world Although it shares a word with existentialism and that philosophy s concerns with existence and meaning in life, it is predicated on the liberation of all black people in the world from oppression. Existentialism is a Humanism Arizona State University Existentialism is a Humanism Jean Paul Sartre, My purpose here is to defend existentialism against several reproaches that have been laid Existential Therapy Psychology Today Existential therapy focuses on free will, self determination, and the search for meaning often centering on you rather than on the symptom.The approach emphasizes your capacity to make rational

    • ☆ Existentialism || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Robert C. Solomon
      456 Robert C. Solomon
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    One thought on “Existentialism”

    1. I really enjoyed this collection of excerpts from existentialist writings. I liked that it opened my eyes to the different kind of thinkers within this tradition: liked some, loathed some. It gathered from about 26 writers from Kierkegaard to Arthur Miller, and concentrated more heavily on the more well-known contributors like Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Camus, and Sartre. I came to this book having read some from this philosophical emphasis, but I wasn’t disappointed in the selections [...]

    2. This was an optional reader for a class that I took with the late Robert Solomon. All royalties went to the keg fund for a party that he threw for his students. It's a tiny little book, but it has breadth; besides the obvious and indispensable inclusions, like Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Kafka, Sartre, and Camus, there are selections from Merleau-Ponty, Buber, Pinter, Beckett, and even Barth. Oh yeah -- if you like Hesse, then get your motor running, because he's in here, too.Among the major selecti [...]

    3. an anthology, suitable for an undergraduate course on what is one of the worst philosophical schools ever.

    4. Great selection on existentialism. I studied this book in college, and went back and re read it a few years ago. I still find existentialism fascinating and recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more.

    5. "A book not recommended for beginners"Having taken an interest in existentialism and having read a few books on the topic, I thought I could not miss this compilation with Robert C. Solomon, a prolific author in philosophy books and a professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, as the author. The introduction was a surprise that it read like a sarcastic and hostile attack to existentialism. I imagined that it would also appear cryptic to readers that have yet read of the philos [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this and the existentialism class I read it for, but it just wasn't an amazing anthology. It had short introductions to each philosopher that didn't give you enough, I didn't think, to understand what you were getting into in the reading, and then rather short selections for all but Sartre. It's great if you want to read some short segments of major existentialist philosophers, but I just don't think it would be an anthology I would ever return to after moving on to the full wor [...]

    7. This book has introduced me to Existentialism and now I really want to learn more. I have enjoyed the thoughts posed about individualism, that we are choosers, "bad faith", seeing ourselves in the eyes of the other. I have come to many conclusions about how people are objectifying one another. It has expanded my understanding about love and life. I have decided to become more individualistic in my religious practices as well as my social interactions. I am going to read more existentialism this [...]

    8. This book is badass! The introductions to the excerpts in this existential philosophy primer are what really make book worthwhile. After I read this, I got really excited because I knew that Solomon was the head of the Philosophy Dept. at UT. I was really stoked to sit in on some classes. However, I then found out that he died two years ago. Bummer.

    9. I thought it was a good introduction to existentialismbut I'm no judge. Judging by Solomon's credentials though, he seems to know what he's doing; although I'm not a huge fan of anthologies. It's like someone's judging what's essential versus what isn't on these highly complex thinkers. Not critical though. Still a great introduction.

    10. To be fair, my love for this book is based on my love for Dr. Solomon's Existentialism class that I took in college. It's not necessarily a weekend read, especially the Heidegger excerpts. I actually would recommend checking out the audio for his lectures if you are not used to reading philisophical texts.

    11. A selection of representative works from existentialism's philosophers, both the renowned (Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Sartre, etc) and the less well-known (Karl Jaspers, de Unamuno, etc). May be a bit daunting for the first-time reader introduced to existentialism. Good breadth, though.

    12. Trapped on a desert Island this small book would provide a library of existentialist material , nicely organized and the introduction by Solomon is great

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